A Message from Bill and Erin Keiran

Often times when people we love are faced with a difficult path to follow, we want to help but aren’t sure what we can do. Listening and being a friend to lean on are always meaningful, but sometimes it doesn’t seem like enough, especially when our own path is running along quickly, but smoothly.

At Leslie and Tom’s wedding, which was shortly before Tom’s diagnosis, Bill made a speech toasting the newly married couple. He told Tom how he really felt he was a true brother to him. Anyone listening knew that he was incredibly sincere, and anyone who knows Tom would think of him as a brother as well.

When Leslie told us about the MS Challenge Walk, it seemed like a wonderful way for us to support her and Tom, as they make their own way through their journey with MS. We knew it would take a big commitment to training and fundraising, but well worth the effort. Bill’s family has always realized the incredible value of our heath, and the walk seemed like an easy thing for us to do to help.

Our involvement in the Walk would not have been possible without the help of Bill and Leslie’s mom, Jane. She was not able to walk herself, but she was able to take care of our two children over the many hours we trained, as well as over the weekend of the Walk itself. There are so many ways to be involved whether it’s as a volunteer, a crew member, an envelope stuffer, a donator, or even a childcare provider. Everyone’s contribution is valued and needed.

The walk itself was an amazing experience.  Being a part of something so positive creates an energy that really just seems to carry you. We felt it as we walked each day.  On mile 1, Bill and I were just two people who were trying to help two other people. By mile 50 we were part of a group of thousands of people trying to help thousands of other people on their own journeys.  And each one of us did it because we love someone with MS.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Bill and Erin