A Message from Dave Baldi

July 27, 2013


Well I'd like to take this time to say thank you for your support. Because of your donations and dedication to supporting the cause we are able to say that the Baldi's MS Busters team is on the way to focus on another disease that needs our attention.

It took 10 years but we finally beat MS and Tom is doing well...

This is the beginning of a letter I hope to be sending you some day soon.

Our fight against MS has led us in many directions. Tom continues -- as do many others -- to fight this disease daily. People always ask me how Tom is doing. Sometimes, because of his positive attitude it's hard to tell. His day-to-day activities have slowed down a bit as his MS becomes more apparent. Tom has told us that one of the most difficult things for him is to attend the walks and the bike rides and not have the ability to be out there walking and riding with us. Tom is our best cheerleader along the way. It's at those times when your muscles are sore or your blisters are getting worse and you feel that you want to quit that your cell phone rings and you here a voice say " Hey how you doing? What mile are you at?" Or you come around a corner and there's Tom whooping and clapping to cheer you on. You suddenly remember Tom can’t give up, Tom can't just quit, so you suck it up and keep going.

In my quest to help I have talked to a lot of people about MS and I'm still shocked at the number of people I come into contact with every day that are somehow affected by this disease. Either they know someone who has it or they themselves have MS. I'm not only walking for Tom but for all of those affected by this disease. When Tom was diagnosed with MS It was believed to be an adult onset disease usually effecting women. Today there are over 400,000 men and women of all ages living with MS. In fact, the numbers of children and adolescents being diagnosed is steadily growing. The National MS Society is the best way that we know of to channel our energies to fight against this disease.

So far, the Baldi's MS Busters have been involved in events from NH to Cape Cod. They've included numerous walks, fund raising dinners and our last quest took us on a 150 mile bike ride. Our team needs your support. This is all I can do to help my brother. I truly wish I could write you that letter tomorrow -- all I know is that if we keep on fighting that someday I will.

From the bottom of my heart I can't thank you enough for your continued support.

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