A Message from Sandy Baldi

Sometimes, things happen in our lives, or in the lives of those around us, that dramatically alter our path in life in a way we never could have imagined.  For me, it was when Tom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  I didn’t know that day my life would change, but I did know Tom and Leslie’s would.  I felt afraid for them, but learned many lessons with them along the way, like the best job in the world doesn’t necessarily mean making lots of money or how families are always there for each other. 

The Challenge Walk quickly became “our” event, our way to show Tom how much we wanted to do something to help him.  I realized later how difficult it is for him, for people to rally around him, train many hours for a walk or to crew 3 long days, or ride a bike 150 miles.  Tom never wanted to be that person, the one who people did things for; he was always the one who was doing things for someone else.  HIS path in life was altered that day. But out of our fear came energy to fight for him and to beat MS to the ground, to find a cure for Tom.  Thus was born team Baldi’sMSBusters, captained by Toms ever capable and loving wife Leslie, who is always by his side. 

Every year, we all come together for three days on Cape Cod and do what we can to show Tom we’re there for him.  We won’t forget he has MS because he looks good, we know what’s going on inside his body, the evil force that is lurking under the surface, and we’re not going to sit around and let it win. Some will walk and fundraise, others will crew, and those who can’t walk or crew will donate money.   We’ll laugh together, cry together, be there to encourage one another, blisters or saddle sores with lots of sweat and tears mixed in, but we’ll push through the pain and we’ll be smiling all the way.  Why?  Because MS won’t beat us, because every time we come together, we get stronger, we give more and we confirm our commitment to finding a cure.

So help us however you can.  Join the team and help raise money.  Crew with us, or make a donation.  Help us prove to Tom that we won’t give up and show him the goodness that exists in all of us. 

Offer the gift of hope.

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